Technology Risk

Technology driven solutions has taken hold in virtually all sectors. Orbis can help you have confidence in your technology investments and in the security and integrity of your information assets.


Many organizations are investing in technology to modernize their service delivery to be more responsive, resilient and better meet the needs of their stakeholders. Our multidisciplinary team of technology controls and risk management specialists can help your organization have confidence that your investments are delivering desired results while supporting the security, privacy and integrity of your information assets.


Technology Controls Assurance

Orbis understands the unique challenge of positioning IT and Information Management as a strategic enabler as your organization seeks to balance a range of related priorities and risks. We work with CAEs, CIOs and other Executives to help ensure your organization’s IT and IM objectives are achieved.


IT Strategy and Governance

Evaluating your strategy and/or governance structures to improve the effectiveness of your IT operations, our team can provide a tailor-made assessment that allows you to focus on the areas most in need of attention.


Cybersecurity and Privacy

Orbis’ cybersecurity and privacy professionals help organizations protect their valuable digital assets against theft, corruption or misuse. We provide assurance to give you confidence that your information assets are safeguarded and risks of unauthorized disclosure, modification or loss of information are being efficiently managed.


IT Project Risk Management

IT project management is a critical investment and key risk area for many organizations. Our professionals can help you identify and manage risks throughout the system development lifecycle to keep your projects on track.

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