Data and Analytics Services

Accurate, timely and complete information is critical to decision-making, optimizing performance and meeting your goals. Orbis can support you to unlock the value from your data.

Research and Data Analytics

Data analytics helps organizations make better decisions, enable key strategic initiatives and improve relationships with your stakeholders. But in order to take full advantage, you need to know how to get the most value from your data. We help our clients enhance their data management practices through benchmarking capabilities, identifying strength and gaps, and leveraging their data assets to improve organizational performance.


Data Analytics and Data Visualization

Government and non-profit organizations are generally saddled with outdated systems and reams of data. Our data analytics services can help you make sense of your organization’s data by connecting data sets and identifying trends, patterns and outliers, providing data-driven insights for your plans and decisions. Our data visualization services can help you present this information in a way that is easily understood and digested. Whether it be in the form of data tables, dashboards or infographics, we can help you unlock your data and implement data analysis tools and processes that are repeatable and insightful.


AI and Machine Learning

Your data needs to flow seamlessly between your systems, people and processes. We can help you build the data functions, policies, standards and measures that will ensure that your data is effectively and efficiently managed in the pursuit of your business objectives. Our team of data and risk experts can review your data governance and data management regimes and help you to harness your organization’s data to gain the insights necessary for success.


Data Management and Governance

Now more than ever it is critical to have sound data management policies, procedures and controls that are implemented and adhered to. Data can be a key tool for organizations, but only when it is accessible, timely, and quality information. We can help you review your data governance regime and implement improvements so you can harness your information and make informed decisions.

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