Organizational Improvement

From organizational reviews, to strategic planning, to performance measurement, Orbis can help you challenge conventional thinking and unlock your organization’s performance potential.


We understand that your organization’s structure and strategy have a significant and enduring role in the achievement of objectives. Orbis will provide you with independent perspectives on the strength of your structures, processes, and strategies as well as identify areas for improvement that leverage the skillsets, tools and controls you already have in place. Our experienced team will work collaboratively with your organization to enhance efficiencies and support your achievement of results.


Organizational Design

Determining the optimal structure and processes for government and non-profit programs and services is key to optimizing results in an environment of scarce resources. By looking closely at the complex relationships between tasks, workflows, responsibility, and authority, we help you align your organizational structure, systems and processes to best meet your needs, goals and preferred ways of operating. Our experienced team of organizational improvement experts will work with you to achieve efficiencies, improve client experience and streamline internal processes, enhancing your organization’s impact and success.


Results-based Management

Results-based management is an approach that organizations can use to implement programs and projects with a laser focus on achieving a set of desired results and outcomes. Using a theory of change approach, we can help you clarify the outcomes you intend to realize, and the activities or pathways needed to support their achievement. Our team of business improvement experts can help you to implement results-based management in your organization and establish the performance measurement frameworks to monitor your programs and projects and make course adjustments when needed.


Business Process Review

Keeping pace with changes in client needs, legislation, technology and government investment-levels requires a mindset of continuous improvement. For government and non-profit organizations delivering programs and services, this means continuously evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of your business processes and making adjustments as needed. Our team of business process experts will work with you to improve client experience, maintain quality, streamline processes and ensure compliance with internal and external policies, standards and regulations.


Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning processes are critical to realizing the vision and mission of your organization. The strategic planning process engages your stakeholders and organization in the process of setting goals, allocating resources and charting the pathway for your organization’s future. Our team of experienced planners can help you and your board design and implement an inclusive and effective strategic planning process, with the right touch points with your stakeholders, clients and staff.


Corporate Planning and Performance Reporting

Your operational plans and performance reporting have a direct impact on your organization’s success. Clear business and operational plans provide your managers and staff the direction and guidance they need to deliver the results and outcomes your organization and clients expect. Performance reporting regimes help to maintain the focus of your middle managers and executives on your organization’s performance and the achievement of results. Our team of planning and reporting experts will help you design and implement the planning and performance reporting regimes that will guide your organization’s success.

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