Audit and Review

Effective internal audit and review functions play a crucial role in supporting an organization’s pursuit of its business objectives. We offer a variety of Audit and Review services to help our clients optimize their internal audit functions and maximize the value added to their organization.

Internal Audit Engagements:

Our team of audit professionals and subject matter experts can support the most challenging of internal audit assurance and consulting projects, employing either strategic co-sourcing or full out-sourcing models. For a brochure on these services, click here.
Sample projects include:
Audits of Government Grant and Contribution programs
Audit of Capacity Development Approaches and Programs for First Nations
Audits of Occupational Health and Safety
Audits of Security for Government Departments, Crown Corporations and Agencies

Organizational and Operational Review:

Orbis specializes in time-sensitive and complex reviews of the design and implementation of strategic initiatives and organizational performance. These reviews provide assurance to organizational leaders that projects and programs are on track. These reviews cover all aspects of governance, project management, program management frameworks, accountability regimes, financial processes and HR management regimes.
Sample projects include:
Independent Review – Fixed Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Procurement
Review of Political and Organizational Structures and Controls for a large Canadian First Nation
Reviews of Management Practices for Government Departments
Reviews of Project Management and Project Governance for major Crown projects

Internal Audit Quality Assurance:

We focus on delivering timely, practical, and value-added insights and advice, to help you demonstrate compliance with professional auditing standard and meet your QA objectives. For a brochure on these services, click here.
Sample projects include:Engagement – level Quality Assurance Reviews for seven Internal Audit Functions
Internal Audit Function Practice Inspections for six Government Organizations
Design and Assessment of the Quality Assurance and Improvement Programs for five Internal Audit Functions

Audit Training:

We offer a number of training opportunities, ranging from a few hours to a few days in length, which aim to help auditors reach new heights, and elevate their organization along with them. For a brochure on these services, click here.
Examples of Training Courses Offered include:
Data Analytics – Influence Management with your Audits
Reduce your Audit Effort – Strategic Risks and Smart Scoping
Performance Audits that Add Value
Introduction to Risk Management
Audit Risk Assessment Techniques
Auditing Efficiency – Approaches and Techniques

Internal Audit Best Practices:

We specialize in helping clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their internal audit practices and in helping auditors shift their focus from compliance to strategic risks. Our services include the development of audit processes and tools, coaching auditors, facilitation of internal audit practice improvement exercises, etc. For a brochure on these services, click here.

Financial Management and Internal Controls

As business conditions and stakeholder expectations change, senior executives must keep pace by transforming their organizational structures, business processes and systems, and retraining and developing their people.
Orbis offers organizational and operational performance improvement services that help you challenge conventional thinking. We support finance executives in implementing financial management structures and processes that help their organizations optimize performance and achieve sound stewardship of assets.
Effective governance, risk management and control processes are fundamental to the achievement of organizational objectives. Strong definition of roles, accountabilities and authorities, coupled with sound financial oversight and decision-making processes, facilitate the achievement of objectives, and ensure preservation and protection of financial assets.

Our Financial Management and Internal Control Services include the following:

  • CFO Certification Due Diligence Reviews for Investments/Initiatives
  • Financial Control Frameworks
  • Management Accountability Frameworks
  • Review or Definition of Financial Governance Structures
  • Internal Control Design, Development and Implementation
  • CFO Professional Practice Support and Guidance
  • Tailored CFO Tools and Processes

Grants and Contributions Management

Government grant and contribution programs are expected to demonstrate economy, transparency and rigour, employing a risk-based approach that does not place undue burden on program administrators or clients.

Orbis’ experts have broad experience in supporting CFOs, Transfer Payment Centres of Expertise, and Program Managers in designing Grant and Contribution program policies, processes, controls frameworks and tools. We work with your team to develop the appropriate approaches and tools to ensure that risks are adequately mitigated, funding decisions are defensible and program outcomes are achieved with efficiency.

A few examples of the G&C program management services we provide include:

  • Support in the development of Treasury Board submissions for new or reformed programs
  • Develop Risk-based Program Controls Frameworks and Performance Measurement Strategies
  • Design funding criteria, proposal review and approval processes, proposal evaluation tools and training to program officers
  • Design recipient and project risk assessment processes and tools to inform agreement management

IM/IT Governance and Controls

The pace of technological advances continues to have a profound impact on all organizations as they seek to leverage the efficiency, speed and reliability offered by new technologies while considering the need to manage their costs and exposures to a changing threat landscape.
Orbis’ IT specialists understand the unique challenges of positioning IT and Information Management as a strategic enabler as your organization seeks to balance a range of related priorities and risks. We work with Chief Audit Executives, Chief Information Officers, and other Executives to help ensure your organization’s IT and IM objectives are achieved.

Examples of the IM/IT services we provide include:

  • IM/IT Risk Assessments and Risk-based Audit Plans
  • IT Audits and Reviews – including Governance, Security, Compliance and IT General Controls
  • IT Controls Documentation and Testing
  • Information Management and Recordkeeping Audits
  • Network Penetration Testing and Threat/Vulnerability Risk Assessments

Risk Management

To be effective, risk management practices need to be built into the planning and decision-making processes at all levels of an organization (oversight bodies, executive, operational management and project/initiative management). In this way, individuals at all levels proactively identify and manage threats to the achievement of business objectives and find opportunities to enhance organizational performance, ultimately ensuring achievement of the organization’s mandate.

Examples of the Risk Management Services we provide include:

  • Risk Profiles – Corporate, Operational or Project
  • Facilitated Risk and Control Assessment Workshops
  • Risk Management Frameworks
  • Tailored Risk Management Tools and Processes
  • Risk-based Program and Operational Decision-Making Frameworks
  • Guidance on leading practices in risk management
  • Occupational Health and Safety Threat Assessments
  • Provision of Anonymous Voting Services for Workshops
  • Security, Privacy and IM/IT Threat and Risk Assessments

Business Performance Improvement

As business conditions and stakeholder expectations change, senior executives must keep pace by transforming their organizational structures, business processes and systems, and retraining and developing their people.

Orbis offers organizational and operational performance improvement services that help you challenge conventional thinking and unlock your organization’s performance potential. Based on a solid understanding of the nature of your business and the outcomes you strive to achieve, we will evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of your organizational governance, risk management and control processes.

Aspects of your business that we can focus on include:

  • Definition of Organizational Vision, Mission and Values
  • Organizational structure and spans of managerial control
  • Governance structures and processes
  • Corporate planning and performance reporting processes
  • Division and alignment of roles and responsibilities
  • Evaluating program performance, relevance and cost-effectiveness
  • Implementing Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Human resources management practices
  • Business process efficiency and effectiveness
  • Benefits Realization